Problems with histo titles in ps file


I do the following (macro.C):
I create 2 canvas and divide them in 2x3 and 3x3. In each canvas I draw one histo with title.

I observe the following:
If I do root -b macro.C I get two ps files. In some cases the histo has only an empty title bar (although the title was correctly set). This happens only for the 3x3 canvas and only for the longest titles (long means 60 char).

If I do root -l macro.C everything works fine.

I “cured” the problem by shortening the histo titles.

My questions:

  • What is the reason for this behaviour
  • Is there a way to print longer titles?



can you send me “macro.C” ?

please find enclosed a small test macro and two output ps files. I generated them with root -l macro.C and root -b macro.C.


Mario (66.7 KB) (62.5 KB)
macro.C (340 Bytes)

This has been fixed. (TCanvas.cxx revision 1.91)