Problems with c++ compilers on ubuntu 10.10

I am facing the following problems compiling a very simple c++ program on a machine equipped with Ubuntu 10.10 OS:

  • when writing “g++ prog.C -o prog.exe” (or I can also do “g++ -o prog.exe prog.C”) I receive this reply:
    “unable to exec g++.real: No such file or directory”.
    Same thing if I compile using "c++ … ".
  • If I try with "gcc … " it says:
    “cannot exec ‘cc1plus’: No such file or directory”

I then checked in /usr/bin and there a lot of compilers seem to be available:
gcc -> builder-cc
gcc.real -> gcc-4.4
g++ -> builder-c++
… but I’m always getting the same reply. in particular with gcc-3.4 it says:
“Installation error: cannot exec ‘cc1plus’: No such file or directory”!

I read in other forums that this can be a problem of the 10.10 release (on my personal pc, where I have a 10.04 release, everything goes fine) and that one should try to remove and install again the compiler, but the 10.10 Maverick repositories are expired.

Help, what do you suggest?


this sounds like a misconfiguration of your setup.
Anyway, has this problem anything to do with ROOT?


well no, this topic is not directly connected to root problems,
but I have some root commands in the program I would like to run…
I thought I could post a question like this in the Non-ROOT Specific General Chat…
I thank you in advance if some suggestions could be nevertheless possible.

What do you get if you type:

$ which g++


$ which gcc


I get
so apparently I should have no problems…
Could it be that some library or stuff like that is missing?
Should I perhaps uninstall the compilers and install again some essential package?
From which repositories?