Problems with authentification


we are using PROOF with different versions of ROOT.
The authentification method is 0 ( UsrPwd ).

When using ROOT 400-04 everything is working fine, but with other versions


we only get authentification errors ( to see in the attachment).

Does anybody know what changes are made in the authentification methods of the ROOT
versions and how to get it working.

Thanks Carsten.
auth.txt (2.09 KB)

Hello Carsten,

Sorry for the problems that you experienced.
There have been deep changes in the authentication code between the
versions that you are using; however, backward compatibility was one of
the targets and it should be ok.

Could you send the outputs from the proofd daemons in debug mode
( ie, started with option “-d 3” )?
Also, please, could you specify the versions run by the different
components (client, master, slaves)?

Gerri Ganis

Hello Gerri,

we use in every PROOF-session the components of one version for client, master and slaves. The user can use the version he would like to work with, but our script is using this version for all components during the session.

The strange thing is, that we can currently work only with the version 400-04 (or 400-08 with -noauth for the proofd’s).

Are there any necessarily changes to made in the .rootrc, .rootauthrc or .proof.conf for the different versions?

In the attachment you find the debug-output for the versions 3.10/02 and 4.00/08.

Thanks Carsten.
error_4_00_08.txt (30.6 KB)
error_3_10_02.txt (3.37 KB)

Hi Carsten,

So, once the version is chosen, the cluster is homogenous: in this case
there should not be any problem of version compatibility …

There are several strange things:

  • Versions 4.00/08 and 4.00/04 should be basically equivalent for these
    things; it is strange that it does not work for 4.00/08 if it does for

  • the output labelled 4.00/08 does not look as such, in the sense that it
    contains many printouts from code dropped in versions 4.00: it looks
    like both outputs refer to version 3.10/02 …

  • but whatever it refers to, the output labelled 4.00/08 shows that all but
    one authentication are successful, so the cluster should have at least
    3 active nodes …

Could you give a try to run without the script which automatically
selects the versions?

Could also you switch on some debugging on the “client” sides via
Rood.Debug at level 4 and Proof.DebugLevel at level 3 ?


Hello Gerri,

thanks for your reply.
It seems that we at GSI have a problem with the different ROOT versions.
It is problem with a config-file to manage the different versions.

We have fixed this problem, so the following versions are running:


But we have still problems with following versions:


I have attached the debug-output of the ROOT-session for manual and automatic cluster-setups.

It is possible that the problem is not in ROOT but due to the failure of the manuel started session I think there is still a problem with the ROOT-authentification.

Are there any new files that we need for the authentification
( we use the .rootauthrc and .rootrc at this time with UsrPwd )?

Thanks Carsten
400_06.txt (23.6 KB)
manual400_08.txt (23.8 KB)

Hi Carsten,

Thanks for the outputs.

Perhaps I have understood what’s wrong.

There is one thing that has changed between 4.00/04 and 4.00/06 which
maybe relevant in this case: the daemons check files /etc/hosts.equiv
and/or $HOME/.rhosts for host equivalence; this is very nice if set up
consistently, but apparently it may screw-up things if not.
For the time being it is perhaps better to turn it off by passing option "-w"
to proofd.

The second thing is that I have the impression that the credentials (ie the
encrypted password) does not get forwarded to the master: could you
send me all the .rootrc, .rootauthrc, etc/system.rootrc,
etc/system.rootauthrc seen by the Master AND the Client starting PROOF?
(Please send me also the proof.conf and the real name of the master, so
that I can give you detailed instructions, if needed).

Sorry for all these incoveniences, I am almost done with the
documentation: this pushes me to have a first version out by the end
of the month at latest.


Hallo Gerri,
thanks for your quick answer.

We used the -w option for the proofds and it’s seems to run better (means less errors :wink: )
but the authentification still does not work in the versions

400-06 and 400-08.

The name of the master-host is but the ROOT-session is running on

You can find the config-files in the attachment.

Are there any changes nescessary in this files?


(The next files are in a new posting. Sorry, it seems that I can only have 3 attachments per mail.)
rootrc.txt (11.7 KB)
system.rootauthrc.txt (12.4 KB)
system.rootrc.txt (13.4 KB)

[quote=“carsten”]Hallo Gerri,

here are the next files.

rootauthrc.txt (99 Bytes)
proof.conf.txt (114 Bytes)

Hi Carsten,

Thanks for the files.

Could you please add the following line in .rootauthrc

lxb048 user dvlambda method 0 ru:1 pt:0

(just before the ‘proofserv’ one)

and try again?

Please send me the output that you get on the client screen (the one
that you sent yesterday).

Cheers, Gerri

Hallo Gerri

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

every version works fine now.

I have included your suggestions and now we have no problems anymore.

Thanks for your help.

But I would like to know what is the meaning of this added options/flags
because if we are running these changes with older ROOT-versions (310-02 , etc.)
it doesn"t work. This means no problem to me because our PROOF-script is analysing the different ROOT-version and the changes to made but a little explanation is usefull to me for better understanding how the authentification is working because we are planning to use PROOF in a global context on different institutes.

In the attachment you can find the debug output of the version 400_06 with the -w option for the proofd’s. Client is lxi010 and master runs on lxb045.

Thanks very much

400_06.txt (18.4 KB)