Problems about fieldView

The electric field map drawn by class ViewField is a little strange.
This is my model, the upper pixel ( readout ) is applied voltage 0V, the lower layer is applied voltage -600V.

The electric field map ( YZ plane ) drawn by comsol is shown below

When I use ViewField to draw the electric field ( potential ), I found the map very strange.

I want to plot a field map like that in comsol to ensure that the data is imported correctly. Can you help me have a look? @hschindl
Here are my codes and data.
mplist.txt (13 Bytes)
potential.txt (1.8 MB) (971.7 KB)
pixelCZT2.C (2.5 KB)
weight-potential.txt (686.8 KB)

may be @hschindl can help ?

I get a message Error parsing mesh.mphtxt. when trying to load the field map. Did you maybe send an old version?

I’m Sorry ,This is the latest data (1.4 MB)
mplist.txt (13 Bytes)
potential.txt (661.1 KB)
weight-potential.txt (686.8 KB)

@hschindl hello,I’m sorry to bother you, but may I ask if you have solved this problem?

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