Problem with Yellow Guideline when moving objects

Hi there,

I have been doing some research about a features of root that recently appeared (although not sure in which version) but couldn’t find any documentation or mention of it anywhere:

When moving an object in a canvas yellow arrow appeared to help place the object in relation to other objects. This features is very nice in most cases, helping to make nice symmetrical picture by hand. However when a large number of object is present on in the canvas, it make it impossible to move anything, because the computer is busy computing and drawing a large number of arrows.

I was wondering if there was any kind of way to disable this features, temporarily or permanently.

I am using ROOT 6 on Mac Os X 10, so build with cocoa support (I suspect the features is cocoa related).





Canvas.ShowGuideLines:      false

Hi Thanks a lot !

Or from the ROOT prompt or in rootlogon.C

root [1] gEnv->SetValue("Canvas.ShowGuideLines", 0)