Problem with x axis in a TH1


I have a file containing one TH1F that takes a lot of time to load, and displays
a black bar at the left side of the histogram. It contains ~1.2 million entries
and most of them are in the overflow bin.

The code that fills this histogram was done by someone else, but I checked it
and it looks fine, it does not even use labels for the axis, so I don’t know
where this black bar comes from.

I attach the root file that contains the histogram.

Thanks in advance for any help on what could be the problem.

testpedestalwindow.root (3.77 KB)

Sorry, I meant y axis. Still the x axis is not showing any label neither.

This histogram was stored with wrong attributes.
You should fix them:

   padstatus Pad 1D->GetXaxis()->SetLabelFont(43);
   padstatus Pad 1D->GetXaxis()->SetLabelOffset(0.03);
   padstatus Pad 1D->GetXaxis()->SetLabelSize(16);
   padstatus Pad 1D->GetYaxis()->SetTitleFont(43);
   padstatus Pad 1D->GetZaxis()->SetLabelSize(16);


Thanks a lot! that solves the problem.