Problem with two RooDecays added together in pyRoot-roofit

UPD Never mind, I solved it myself. That was a bug on my side. ctau1 and ctau0 has to have different names.

Dear RooFitters,
Here is my probelm. I try to add two RooDecays with delta-function resolution and different ctau, generate events from the model and then fit it to the same model. Like so:

decay1 = RooDecay('decay1','decay x delta', ct, ctau1, tm, RooDecay.SingleSided) decay0 = RooDecay('decay0','decay x delta', ct, ctau0, tm, RooDecay.SingleSided) sigfrac = RooRealVar("sigfrac","fraction of signal",0.7, 0.69, 0.71) model = RooAddPdf("model","signal(decay1) + bkg(decay0)", decay1, decay0, sigfrac) gen = model.generate(RooArgSet(ct), 1000) model.fitTo(gen)

The construction of the model and generation part seem to work fine.
But then, when I fit the toys back to the model, it does not work and seems to fit only to one of the Decay component.

See also the full working code and the plot I get. (928 Bytes)