Problem with ttree.Draw("same")

Hi, I’m trying to Draw two histograms containing the same variable from two different ttrees on the same histogram. I set the drawing option to same but for some reason only the first plot is being drawn. Have you any idea why? Here is my code

   TFile *fileIn= new TFile("tree_signal_background.root");
   TTree *Signal=(TTree*)fileIn->Get("ts;1");
   TTree *Cosmics=(TTree*)fileIn->Get("tb;1");

   TCanvas *c6 = new TCanvas("c6","c6",750, 500);

ROOT Version: 6.12

It could be that your 2nd plot is outside the range of the 1st one. In that case you should fill the histogram only with the Draw command (option goff) . then put them in a THStack and draw the THSTack

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