Problem with TTimeStamp::GetZoneOffset

Hello, I have a problem with TTimeStamp::GetZoneOffset giving wrong result.

The following short macro reproduces my problem:

void timescript()
	TTimeStamp *stamp = new TTimeStamp();
	std::cout << stamp -> GetZoneOffset() << std::endl;

The results is:

root [0] .x timescript.c 

But currently there is “summer time” in my zone, and thus the offset is larger. This was the system result:

$ date -R
Thu, 02 May 2013 20:23:46 +0200

Thus, the output of the macro should be -7200. I’m using Ubuntu 12.04.2 and ROOT 5.34/03. Thanks for any help.

This function simply does:

   return  timezone;   // unix has extern long int