Problem with ttf?

Hi ROOTers,
I think I have more details about the problem I referred to in my previous message. It seems that the problem is related to the ttf.
I successfully compile ROOT with the options

./configure macosx --enable-thread --enable-minuit2 --with-sapdb-incdir=/sw/include/ --with-thread-libdir=/sw/lib/

on my MacOSX 10.3.9, but when I try to run one of the tutorials
(e.g. hsimple.C) I get

*** Break *** segmentation violation

If I edit the file $(ROOTSYS)/etc/system.rootrc by putting
Unix.*.Root.UseTTFonts: false
–which was previously set to “true”, with the path
..Root.TTFontPath: $(ROOTSYS)/fonts
– now ROOT runs smoothly.
How could I use the truetype fonts, then?

$ROOTSYS/fonts should be:

$ ls $ROOTSYS/fonts
arialbd.ttf        comic.ttf     georgiai.ttf  timesbd.ttf   trebuc.ttf
arialbi.ttf        courbd.ttf    georgia.ttf   timesbi.ttf   verdanab.ttf
ariali.ttf         courbi.ttf    georgiaz.ttf  timesi.ttf    verdanai.ttf
arial.ttf          couri.ttf     impact.ttf    times.ttf     verdana.ttf
ariblk.ttf         cour.ttf      LICENSE       trebucbd.ttf  verdanaz.ttf
BlackChancery.ttf  CVS           monotype.ttf  trebucbi.ttf  webdings.ttf
comicbd.ttf        georgiab.ttf  symbol.ttf    trebucit.ttf  wingding.ttf

is it the case for you ?

Yes, sure, the content of my $(ROOTSYS)/fonts dir is exactly

BlackChancery.ttf comicbd.ttf impact.ttf trebucbi.ttf
CVS cour.ttf monotype.ttf trebucit.ttf
LICENSE courbd.ttf symbol.ttf verdana.ttf
arial.ttf courbi.ttf times.ttf verdanab.ttf
arialbd.ttf couri.ttf timesbd.ttf verdanai.ttf
arialbi.ttf georgia.ttf timesbi.ttf verdanaz.ttf
ariali.ttf georgiab.ttf timesi.ttf webdings.ttf
ariblk.ttf georgiai.ttf trebuc.ttf wingding.ttf
comic.ttf georgiaz.ttf trebucbd.ttf

There is another problem, also. Even when the option Root.UseTTFonts is set to false, when I choose from the menu of the graphical window the option
I get lots (really lots) of messages like
Warning in : class TAxis3D already in TClassTable
and the process ends in a
*** Break *** bus error
Am I doing something wrong?

Your setup looks correct. That seems something Mac specific. I let some Mac expert answer you.

OK, thank you very much!

oops! I posted the wrong configuration setup. The effect I described you
comes with the configuration

./configure --enable-explicitlink --enable-exceptions --enable-table --enable-soversion --enable-thread --enable-minuit2 --with-sapdb-incdir=/sw/include/ --with-thread-libdir=/sw/lib/

with the (incorrect) setup I posted before the graphical interface does not
work at all.
Sorry for the inconvenience,