Problem with simultaneous fit of unbinned weighted dataset in RooFit

Hi everyone,
ROOT version: ROOT 6.22/02
I have four different datasets say wds1, wds2, wds3, wds4

Each of the 4 datasets is a combination of several weighted datasets. For example,

wds1 contains weighted dataset ds1, cds1, spds1 …

I am able to weight them successfully ( but when I combined these datasets for a simultaneous fit using:

RooDataSet combData("combData","combData",RooArgSet(M_dz,deltam),Index(acp),Import("d0ctp",wds1),Import("d0ctm",wds2),Import("d0bctp",wds3),Import("d0bctm",wds4));

Then the command:
RooFitResult *s1 = simPdf.fitTo(combData,Minos(1),NumCPU(4),Extended(1),Save(),SumW2Error(kTRUE));

disregards the weighting and fits the dataset as an unweighted one.
A similar problem was reported in the post below but without a solution:

Sadly our wonderful RooFit maintainer Stephan has moved on and we’re waiting for his successor to pick things up, some time 1st half next year. But I bet @moneta can help in the meantime!

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