Problem with SetParName() and parameters order in Statistics Box

Good morning, I am using as ROOT version the JupyROOT 6.12/04
I’m trying to draw a fitted histogram using SetParName() in order to draw the histogram in such a way that the Statistics Box reports the parameters with the names I set for them. Running the code, in my Statistics Box the names of the parameters are correctly changed, but the parameters are sorted according to alphabetical order and not to the order in which they are declared in the fit. How can I solve?

Thank you for the attention.


Can you post a small reproducer ?

I would like to order the parameters in triplets N, \mu, \sigma, for each energy

Seems to me the parameters in the fit-box are not ordered alphabeciljay but according to the first value (which is tte parameter number) you give to SeParName.

The problem is that the name are not associated to the right value. In the fit box, the values are ordered according to the parameter number, but the names are grouped according to the first letter. It seems that SetParName does not match name set with the corresponding value.

I solved the problem. I noted that if I don’t include the javascript for interactive plots, SetParName works correctly. Insted, when I include it, both in C++ and in python, the order is wrong.

Thanks for the support!

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