Problem with PROOF - root v6-22-02 binaries

I am trying to run an analysis macro built with the MakeSekector method using PROOF. I am now using a binary version of root (see below) after having troubles with dynamic libraries running the same macro with the root version compiled from sources, following the advice here:

Nevertheless, I got the following error:

caught exception triggered by signal ‘1’ while processing dset

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

ROOT Version: v6-22-02@v6-22-02 built for macosx64
Platform: Catalina 10.15.6
Compiler: cling

Hi Anna,
this seems to be a similar issue 0: caught exception triggered by signal '1' while merging ob and this JIRA ticket, but as far as I can tell these are supposed to be fixed.

Can you run the TSelector code correctly without PROOF, via TTree::Process or TChain::Process? Alternatively, can you provide a minimal reproducer (as little code as posssible and some input data that reproduce the issue) so that we can try to debug on our end?


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