Problem with model involving RooHistPdfs


I have set up a composite model using RooFit in ROOT 5.26 which makes use of RooHistPdfs. While everything works fine when I do not write the model to a file (via the RooWorkSpace), the model does not seem to be correctly restored when reading back the workspace.

Especially, when I try to generate binned data from the model, in my case only a flat distribution is generated.

Further details:

When trying to resolve the problem, I found that the observable in the _pdfObsList may not be correctly redirected when the servers are redirected. Without the I/O step, the pointer to the _pdfObsList agrees with that in the proxy list of the RooAbsArg part of the RooHistPdf (modulo 72), after the I/O, the pointers are completely different.

Please let me know if you need more information.


Hi Jan,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll look into it. I’ve filled a Savannah bug report
for this problem

I’ll also post back on this thread when the fix is in.