Problem with Gamma function

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ROOT Version: 6.10/00
compiler: gcc (Ubuntu 4.8.5-4ubuntu6) 4.8.5

I am having problems to use the gamma function. This is the definition of my TF1:

TF1 *einas = new TF1("einas", "( 7.19*pow(10,-7)*TMath::inc_gamma_c(11.7647, 13.3185*pow( (pow(x,2)-16*x*[0] + 64), 0.085) )/x", -500, 500);

And at some point of the code I am doing the following integral:

einasi[i] = einas->Integral(10, 16);

but I receive the error: TMath::inc_gamma_c is unknown.

However, the definition of this function can be found in tthis link:

does anyone know why root is not recognizing the function?

Thank you

Maybe @moneta can give more details, but could you try with:

TF1 einas = new TF1(β€œeinas”, "( 7.19pow(10,-7)ROOT::Math::inc_gamma_c(11.7647, 13.3185pow( (pow(x,2)-16x[0] + 64), 0.085) )/x", -500, 500);


is not a valid expression. You probably mean



As @bellenot points out, in the original formula, one needs to change TMath into ROOT::Math. Also, a β€œ)” is missing right before or right after the final β€œ/x”, or the very first β€œ(” should be removed.

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You can copy/paste this one:

root [0] TF1 *einas = new TF1("einas", "7.19*pow(10,-7)*ROOT::Math::inc_gamma_c(11.7647, 13.3185*pow( (pow(x,2)-16*x*[0] + 64), 0.085) )/x", -500, 500);
root [1] 

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