Problem with DRAW Option "CONT4Z"


I am trying to Draw a scatter plot with CONT4Z option, however, it show I have negative entries even though the minimum is 0

With the draw option “SCAT” I get only + values. Would like the same with the CONT draw option.

Help will be much appreciated!

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ROOT Version: 6.18/00
Platform: MAC
Compiler: Not Provided


I see the negative values only along the Y axis on your plot. And GetMinimum() will return the minimum along the Z axis in case of a TH2 - this is exactly what we see in your plot.


Thank you for the info! I plotted the same history with “SCAT” and I dont see negative values in the option… any ideas ?

Thank you.

Don’t really know. It’s also weird how your first histogram cuts off at Y=115, but the second one does not. Are you sure it’s the same histogram?

Yes, just rechecked again and it is the same histogram.

Yeah, that’s rather strange. Is it a histogram from a .root file? If so, can you please share it here?

Yes from a root file. Seems to be a bit too large to post here unfortunately !

I guess you could share it via your favorite file sharing service (Dropbox/Google drive/Mega/…).

How does it look like with option COL ? with option LEGO ?