Problem with characters including diacritic

After this problem, I have another one. I noted that if character with diacritic (acute accent, grave accent, …) is used at the end of a string, ROOT find error during compilation.
I have the following compilation error

[quote]Info in : modified script has already been compiled and loaded
Info in : it will be regenerated and reloaded!
Info in TUnixSystem::ACLiC: creating shared library /home/user/Physique/./
Error: Missing one of ‘)’ expected at or after line 28.
Error: Unexpected end of file (G__fignorestream():3) plot_qshift.C:54:
Error: Cannot find matching ‘)’ for ‘(’ on line 28. plot_qshift.C:54:
Error: Missing closing brace for the block opened around line 23.
Error: Unexpected end of file (G__exec_statement()) plot_qshift.C:54:
Warning: Error occurred during reading source files
Warning: Error occurred during dictionary source generation
!!!Removing /home/user/Physique/./plot_qshift_C_ACLiC_dict.cxx /home/user/Physique/./plot_qshift_C_ACLiC_dict.h !!!
Error: /usr/local//bin/rootcint: error loading headers…
Error in : Dictionary generation failed!
Info in : Invoking compiler to check macro’s validity
Info in : The compiler has not found any problem with your macro.
Probably your macro uses something rootcint can’t parse.
Check for Cint’s limitations.[/quote]
when I type

.L plot_qshift.C+

I joined file which creates this error message.

You can fix problem by modifying line 28; you need to add space just after “corrigé”.
Should I report this problem on bug tracker or is it already known?
plot_qshift.C (979 Bytes)

Yes including an extra space fixes the problem. It is not directly related to graphics. I asked Axel to answer you.


fixed; thanks for your report!

Cheers, Axel.