Problem when reinstall Garfield++ after upgrade GSL

Dear experts

I somehow upgraded GSL from 2.6 to 2.7, then Garfield++ gives error when I compile my application with it (of course). Then I try to reinstall Garfield++, deleted the whole directory and reinstall from the download step. After “cmake DWITH_EXAMPLES=OFF $GARFIELD_HOME”, I got errors when “make” it. Too many errors so I put the first of them. Could someone tell me what is the problem? Thanks in advance!

May be @hschindl can help.

are you sure that GSL is the only thing that you upgraded or that has changed on your system? Could there be an issue with your ROOT installation?

Well, I actually upgraded everything downloaded by Homebrew, but ROOT is not in it. And I didn’t update my system as far as I know…(will homebrew update my system?)

But you use the compiler from home-brew?
You have to make sure that the compiler you are using is compatible with your ROOT installation…

Yes, you are right. After I reinstall ROOT this problem was solved. Thank you!

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