Problem when plotting pdf components

I’ve recently updated my ROOT version to v6.20.06 and my once working code snippet to plot several pdf components on the same canvas broke.

No matter if I select the pdf components by object reference or by name, i.e. by:

modelTot.plotOn(frame, RooFit::Components(“modelTot*”),
FillColor(93), LineColor(93), DrawOption(“F”));


modelTot.plotOn(frame, RooFit::Components(RooArgSet(modelTot)),
FillColor(93), LineColor(93), DrawOption(“F”));

I get:

[#1] INFO:Plotting -- RooAbsPdf::plotOn(modelTot0) directly selected PDF components: (modelTot0)
[#1] INFO:Plotting -- RooAbsPdf::plotOn(modelTot0) indirectly selected PDF components: (modelSigTotTrig0,modelSigTrig0Phot0,cb1Trig0Phot0,shiftedMeanTrig0Phot0,scaledSigmaTrig0Phot0,cb2Trig0Phot0,scaledSigma2Trig0Phot0,scaledArTrig0Phot0,modelSigTrig0Phot1,cb1Trig0Phot1,shiftedMeanTrig0Phot1,scaledSigmaTrig0Phot1,cb2Trig0Phot1,scaledSigma2Trig0Phot1,scaledArTrig0Phot1,modelSigTrig0Phot2,cb1Trig0Phot2,shiftedMeanTrig0Phot2,scaledSigmaTrig0Phot2,cb2Trig0Phot2,scaledSigma2Trig0Phot2,scaledArTrig0Phot2,modelBkgTotTrig0,modelPrcTotTrig0,templateCharmPrcTrig0Phot-1,templateRarePrcTrig0Phot-1)
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::regex_error'
  what():  Unexpected character in brace expression.
Aborted (core dumped)

It looks like they are found but then the regex_error appears.
Shall I do something different to select the pdfs?

@moneta could you please take a look? Thank you in advance!

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This is addressed by regex_error when selecting pdf components to plot · Issue #7115 · root-project/root · GitHub, that is now fixed in master, 6.22 and 6.20

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