Problem saving in raster format

Hi, I am finding a strange behaviour. I am plotting two different histograms (separately) and save them on a file. When I try to save them in a raster format (png or jpg), the first one is empty (it is a white picture without axis) and the second one is stored properly. But this does not happen when I save it in a vector format like pdf or also in root, as both histograms are saved properly.
Any ideas why this may happen?

This could be due to a bug in ROOT. Could you please paste a small script that reproduces the problem, so that we can investigate why it happens? Thank you.

Ok, here is an example that continues to display the problem:

Thank you very much, we will let you know once we find out what the problem is.

Actually I don’t think the problem will be in my code. I’m trying to run this example: and the resulting png file is also empty.

No, the problem is likely in ROOT, we will let you know when it gets fixed, and what version you will need, sorry if I wasn’t clear before.

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Now I’m having the opposite problem in another plot. It works for png but not for pdf…

Hi, I believe the problem could be with your installation of ROOT. I tried both your reproducer and the tutorial and they both work for me (I get no empty pictures, but correct results). Could you please provide more information on which version of ROOT you are using and how you configured/installed it? Thanks.

Hi Amadio, from the initialization of root:

  | Built for linuxx8664gcc                                    |
  | From tag v6-10-02, 6 July 2017   

I’m using Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya. The way I configured it was to download the production version and I just wrote this line . /opt/root/bin/ in .bashrc.

I cannot reproduce your problem on Mac using ROOT 6.11/01. Whatever I am doing the pictures are correct.

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