Problem plotting different root files

Hello Experts

I have 3 root files but, and am trying to plot them together but the graph is shown but no histograms are seen.
Root files contains a 2 TTree, but I want the one with fEvent
Here is the files
FConvo.C (2.3 KB)
All.root (395 Bytes)
AmOnly.root (407 Bytes)
NoReflector.root (107.3 KB)
Your help will mean a lot

Your 3 root files are empty. In particular they do not contain any tree named “Hits”.

For this the root files works but, when combining them, it does not work!
Am.root (94.9 KB)
All.root (171.6 KB)
FConvo.C (1.7 KB)

void FConvo() {

    TFile *file1 = new TFile("All.root");
    TFile *file2 = new TFile("Am.root");

    TTree *tree1 = dynamic_cast<TTree*>(file1->Get("Hits"));
    TTree *tree2 = dynamic_cast<TTree*>(file2->Get("Hits"));

    tree1->SetLineColor(kRed); // Set color to red
    tree1->SetLineWidth(4); // Set line width to 2

    tree2->SetLineColor(kBlue); // Set color to blue
    tree2->SetLineWidth(4); // Set line width to 2

Thank you very much
It works