Problem in RooWorkspace::CodeRepo::compileClasses()

Hi all,

I have some code that no longer works in 5.34.08 or 5.34.13 that works in 5.34.04.
It appears to be a problem with RooWorkspace::CodeRepo::compileClasses().

I have a pdf class that’s imported into a workspace, which is stored in a root file.
When I later try to use that workspace, RooWorkspace::CodeRepo::compileClasses()
tries to compile the pdf class in a code export directory and it fails. The pdf class uses the
iostream and complex header files. When I look inside the code export directory,
I see two zero-size files named iostream and complex, along with the other files
needed to compile the pdf class. This must be why it fails. When I try to compile
the pdf class inside the code export directory, it doesn’t work. If I delete the zero-size
iostream and complex files from that directory and then try again, it does compile.

It looks like the problem is that it thinks it needs local copies of the iostream and
complex header files, when it doesn’t, and it failed to copy the header files into the
code export directory. I see this problem when running root 5.34.10 at CERN on lxplus5 after doing

source /afs/

source /afs/

I also see the problem running root 5.34.08 on my mac (osx 10.8.5). I do not see this
problem running root 5.34.04, both at CERN and on my mac.

If you need more details, I’d be happy to provide them.