Problem drawing TCutG when using fillstyle>3100


I have a TCutG that contains a closed set of points such that the last point is equal to the first. I am trying to draw this with an axis range set such that some of the points are outside the plot. If I fill with a fill style < 3100 (i.e. solid or the pre-defined patterns) it comes out correct, but if I try and use e…g SetFillStyle(3664) some of the excluded area is cut off this. Unfortunately, I really need to use that particular fill style. Any idea why this is happening?


can you post a small macro reproducing the problem ?

Please see the attached macro. The TCutG is drawn twice, once with solid fill and once with fill style 3664. You can see in the second cast (“hashed.png”) the exclusion region is missing a slice from the bottom left, but in the first case the full area is filled, as expected.
test.C (9.58 KB)

It looks like a bug. But the workaround is easy. Do not make the last point equal to the first one.
ie remove:


Perfect, many thanks!