Problem drawing aitoff and tgraph together

Hello Rooters,

I am trying to draw a skymap, which is easily done with the aitoff projection. Unfortunately, there are not built in gridlines that are also drawn, which makes the map hard to read. Fortunately, berder posted a nice example that draws the grid lines using TGraphs. The problem I have is that when I draw my histogram using the aitoff projection, the TGraphs don’t also get drawn in the same pad. If I draw my histogram any other way, they do. I have tried it with both version 5.12_f and development, neither work. I’ve attached my code (SkymapProb.C) as well as the root file from which the data comes (SkymapProb.root). Thanks a lot for any help you can offer!

SkymapProb.C (2.55 KB)
SkymapProb.root (233 KB)

The conversion into aitoff should be wrong somewhere. We can see all the little graphs on the plot, they are clearly wrong. I am looking at it now.

Here is the working macro. The aitoff representation is drawn using a 3D algorithm having special units. I have created a transparent pad on top with the correct units and then the grid appear. Another way would have been to convert the graphs into these special units.

SkymapProb.C (3.07 KB)