Problem drawing a TH2F with one bin

When I do this:

TH2F * myhist7 = new TH2F("my_hist7","my_hist7",1,-1,1,1,-1,1)

and then fill the TH2F 39 times like this


and then draw the histogram like this


not all of the points appear on the histogram. Only like 5% of the points actually appear on the histogram.

Should I submit a bug report?

When you do not specify any option, the SCAT option is use
See what the SCAT option does:
And you will understand what you get.

From that link it seems like it should draw some number of scattered points. I still don’t really understand why there are 0 points.

well … with one bin that’s a bit hard to predict what you will get…
the number of points is proportional to the content.
Let say it can go from 0 (for the lowest bon) to 50 (for the highest bin).
but here you have lowest = highest … so it can 0 or 50… it is 0