Problem after installing root in windows 10?

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Hello Experts,
I was installing root in windows 10 but having some problems.
i have installed root 6.24 tar file and extracted it in a directory named ROOT.
and after extracting when i open this in VS 2019 and tries to set the environment then it shows me this (please see in the attached image)

so can anyone please help me with this. or is there something wrong i am doing please let me know.
and in windows i am not so comfortable with root and Geant.
Thanks in advance !

Hi @priyanshu-gif ,
I am afraid our windows expert is on vacation at the moment.

I am not sure whether that might be the issue, but can you try bin\thisroot.bat (without the initial \) or maybe also the full path: \Users\agarw\OneDrive\Desktop\ROOT\root\bin\thisroot.bat?


Okay. Thanks for your prompt reply. let me try this.
but one more thing when i install .exe file and just run and doing next next next to run this and path its taking by your own choice . so in between it says path is too long and stops in between. but there is a root application when i search in my search bar application.
then how .exe can be installed.

now i am getting this.

can you please tell why this is showing other errors ?

Try following this recipe:

Or search for other solutions on this forum (search “Windows 10” or similar).

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