Problem about LoadNegativeIonMobility

I set the gas to air by gas.SetComposition(“Ar”, 0.94, “CO2”, 0.03, “O2”,20.93,“N2”, 78.1). The emitted alpha particles interact with air molecules to produce ionization electrons, most of which will be attached to electronegative molecules (such as oxygen molecules) during their drift.

I want to simulate the drift of negative ions, so I need to import the mobility of negative ions. In the paper Transport properties of gaseous ions over a wide energy range(, I found some relevant data, but I am not sure. My question is :

1.The real gas is air, can I import the mobility data of ions in ‘oxygen’ ?

2.There are three kinds of negative ion mobility data in oxygen(As shown in the following figure: O- in O2, O3- in O2, O2- in O2). How to determine which to import?My intuition is that an oxygen molecule attaches an electron to become O2-, so the mobility of O2-in O2 should be loaded, but I 'm not sure there will be other reactions.

I guess @hschindl can help you.

Good question… I’m afraid I don’t know. My naive guess would also be to use the mobility data for O2- ions but that might be wrong. It depends on the reactions that the oxygen ions can undergo and their timescales; ion chemistry can be quite complicated, see for instance this presentation or this presentation.

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