Problem about EnableElectricField()

In examples/gem, the unit model of gem is established by apdl command, voltage is applied to cathode and anode, and then the result is output to lis file. garfield + + imports these lis files
My question is :
1.Will the electric field set in ansys be used when calculating electron drift or avalanche ?
2.When using TrackHeed, will you use the electric field set in ansys ? Because I found that TrackHeed has a member function EnableElectricField ( ) ; i don 't know under what circumstances this function will be used.
3.When calculating electron drift or avalanche, what should I do if I want to set the magnetic field ?
I would appreciate it if you could give some help.

I guess @hschindl can help.


  1. Yes, in the GEM example, the field map calculated using Ansys is used when simulating the electron drift/avalanche.
  2. By default, TrackHeed does not take electric fields into account. If you call EnableElectricField it will use the electric field in the stepping. But I don’t recommend doing that; the electric field normally does not have a significant influence on the primary charged particle nor the delta electrons.
  3. If you have a constant magnetic field, you can simply set the three components of the B-field (in units of Tesla) using SetMagneticField (this function is available in every Component class).

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