Printing Subpads to PDF doesn't work

Hello Rooters,

please have a look at the attached macro. It creates a Canvas with three subpads. Then it fill these pads with histograms. Then it tries to plot the the subpads and the canvas as pdf and as gif file. The gif files are ok. With the pdf files there are some remarks.
Plotting the whole canvas works fine apart that you have to rotade the output. The same applies to the first subpad. The other two subpads are somehow not plottet as theier gif counterparts. Something is plottet, but one can only see a white long box.

Is this an error of the pdf creation or do I do something wrong, when I create the canvas and try to plot the subpads?


System: WinXP Prof
ROOT Ver: 5.18
testPrintSubPad.c (1.12 KB)

Usually what you try here is not foreseen for PS and PDF. It works more or less with PS it does not for PDF. PS and PDF printing are (usually) for the whole canvas. I would recommand to create several canvas next to each other if you want to print them separately in PS or PDF files. But I can have a look at this.