Printing out Root-generated PS files

I save a canvas as a PostScript file by saying File->Save “” or File->Save As, and when I print it out on paper, I get the lower left corner magnifed by like 10 times, and that’s it. This happens whether I print it using a viewer or just using “lpr”. Is this a problem with my viewer or printer, or is there a switch I can flip in Root to make it generate page-sized PS files?


It is magnified 4 times … I think you are using the CUPS printing system on your machine. With this system some old ROOT version generated PS files having this problem. Can you send me the PS file you have problems with ?

Here’s the ps file.

Btw, I am using Root v4.04 on Fedora 3, compiled from source, and I am using CUPS for printing. (11.8 KB)

Can you tell me which CUPS version you are using ?
I have modified your PS file according to some rumors I heard about a new CUPS behavior. Let me know if that modified file is working for you. (11.8 KB)

It looks beautiful!

I’m using CUPS version 1.1.22, discovered using the “rpm -q” command.

Ok Thanks,
CUPS problem again. This system continuously changes its behaviour. I will make the fix I guess. But I am a bit worrying about the backward compatibility with previous CUPS versions. Well, may be people will just have to update their CUPS.

The modification is now done in CVS head.

thanks!!! :smiley: