Print variable's content on Canvas

I want to print the value of a variable (integer) on the TCanvas side by a histogram.
Say it is int var1;
Should I use TPaveText or TText or sth else.
I considerd TRef as well in order to point at this variable…


Yes TText is fine

i did this

int b=10; Text *t= TText::Read (b);

but I get an error, so I must be calling the method the wrong way, or should have used another method from the start. I am still inexpirienced…

root [0] TCanvas C
(TCanvas &) Name: c1 Title: c1
root [1] Int_t b = 10
(Int_t) 10
root [2] TText t(.5,.5,Form("b = %d",b));
root [3] t.Draw()

works fine , couet
thank you alot

:slight_smile: :astonished: