Prevent using split mode on a class

I want to have a TTree that when I Print() it contains a branch with TGraph store within a TClonesArray, similar to what I am showing below:

*Br 73 :MAQEGraph : TClonesArray *
*Entries : 296366 : Total Size= 72711468 bytes File Size = 7812553 *
*Baskets : 14 : Basket Size= 9391616 bytes Compression= 9.31 *

I expected that the minimal code below:

    TFile file_output("outtest.root", "RECREATE");;
    TClonesArray* spline_array = new TClonesArray("TGraph");
    TTree* tree = new TTree("spline_tree", "Spline tree"); 
    tree->Branch("spline_branch", "TClonesArray", &spline_array);

would replicate that same structure, however, I get this warning:
Warning in <TTree::Bronch>: Using split mode on a class: TGraph with a custom Streamer, and the output splits TGraph variables in multiple branches. How can I fix this?

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I guess @pcanal can help.

tree->Branch("spline_branch", &spline_array, 32000, 0);

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