Precision in the TPaveStats doc

Hello, at the beginning of the TPaveStats doc, one reads

[quote]The “mode” has up to nine digits that can be set to on(1 or 2), off(0).

  mode = iourmen  (default = 000001111)
  k = 1;  kurtosis printed
  k = 2;  kurtosis and kurtosis error printed
  s = 1;  skewness printed
  s = 2;  skewness and skewness error printed
  i = 1;  integral of bins printed
  o = 1;  number of overflows printed
  u = 1;  number of underflows printed
  r = 1;  rms printed
  r = 2;  rms and rms error printed
  m = 1;  mean value printed
  m = 2;  mean and mean error values printed
  e = 1;  number of entries printed
  n = 1;  name of histogram is printed[/quote]

I guess the mode should “ksiourmen” instead of “iourmen”. Indeed, the default value has 9 digits whereas there are only 7 characters in “iourmen”. In addition, the characters “k” and “s” described below do not appear in “iourmen”.

Another thing with this part

[quote]WARNING 1: never do:


but instead do:


because 0001111 will be taken as an octal number![/quote]
I think that “gStyle->SetOptStat(000111);” is not consistent with “gStyle->SetOptStat(1111);”. I guess it should be “gStyle->SetOptStat(0001111);” or "“gStyle->SetOptStat(111);”.

Thanks for your comments. I applied them all.