Postscript file with numbered pages

When I create a PostScript file, Ghostview does not see the page number.

Is there a way to generate a postscript file (with more than one page) with this option?


Producing several plots in the same postscript file is explained in the Users Guide and in teh description of TPad::Print(const char*file, Option_t *option) at:


I also stumbled across this problem of ROOT producing multi-age document with screwed up page numbers.
I have found that “psmerge” on linux does superb job of merging one-page PS files produced by ROOT and all page numbers come out properly.

ghostview does something weird with the page numbers on ROOT ps files. I will revisit that.

I have modified the %%Page comments in PS files. Now in gv you will see 1,2,3,4 etc … as page numbers. This was requested by several people.