Postscript aspect ratio in TCanvas::Print()

I get the wrong aspect ratio when printing a canvas to a postscript file, printing the same canvas to a pdf file work ok, maybe I’m missing a comand. I’m using ROOT v5-34-04.

c = TCanvas('c','c',700,100,600,600)
h = TH1F('h','h',1,0,1)

The plot in canvas is squarish but the plot in not, it looks skewed.
How can I get the same plot in postscript?

gStyle.SetPaperSize(20,20) does not help :frowning:

c.Print('h.pdf') does give the correct aspect ratio.

Thank you!

I get the correct ratio with PS … can you send the PS file you get ?

Sorry for the noise: it turned out this was caused by the setting “Natural size” in gv. With “Pixel based” the postscript plots look all right.

Thank you and sorry for wasting your time…