Possible Improvement to TeXDump Output

Hi, I’m working on tweaking some figures produced with ROOT’s new TeXDump-mode output. I am editing the pgf/tikz output directly, so I thought of a possible improvement:

Is it possible for the TeXDump facility to automatically add %comments to the output that helps the user identify which bits of the pgf/tikz code is drawing which parts of the figure? For simple figures it’s not too bad to decypher by reading the coordinates and colours, but for larger figures it’s quite difficult. Currently the produced code has no comments whatsoever.

I imagine this would be straightforward since probably somewhere the code loops over a list of objects. The pgf/tikz comments could just list the object’s names (in the case of a TNamed) or just the class name. That way a user could casually glance at the comments and say “Oh yeah, that’s the TAxis” or something.

Would other users find this useful? Do the devs agree that this would be relatively easy to implement?


When we are the output level for PDF PS or TeX all is lines, markers, text and polygons. We do not know which object generated those basic graphics stuff. So the comments you will get will be “Oh yeah, that’s a line”, “Oh yeah, that’s a Polygon”, “Oh yeah, that’s a line again”… :slight_smile: not really useful …