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Please, how to use the ROOT::Math::Polynomial or another function to get the polynomial parameters: P(x) = p[0] + p[1]*x + p[2] *x 2 + … + p[n] x n . I have a polynomial of n degree and i want to extract the parameters p[0], p[1] , p[2] … I need a simple example, please.

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The ROOT::Math::Polynomial class defines a function with n parameters representing a polynomial
p[0] + p[1]*x + p[2] *x 2 + … + p[n] *xn

n is passed when constructing the class. The parameter values can be set with Polynomial::SetParameters and retrieved with Polynomial::Parameters.

For example:

ROOT::Math::Polynomial p(4); 
double params[] = {1,2,3,4};
// set parameter values 
//evaluate polynomial for x = 2 
std::cout << p(2) << std::endl;
// retrieve parameter values 
for (int i = 0; i < 4 ; ++i) 
     std::cout << "param " << i << " = " << p.Parameters()[i] << std::endl;

Thank you very much for your answer, I made a mistake in my question. Indeed, after introducing the parameters (SetParameters(params), how to extract the solutions (x) with ROOT::Math::Polynomial of my P(n) and not the parameters.

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For evaluating the function you can just call the operator() as shown in the example above.
You can also pass the parameter pointer to the operator() ,

double x = 2; 
double params = {1,2,3,4};
// evaluare polynomial for x  with stored parameter values 
std::cout << p(x) << std::endl;
// evaluare polynomial for x with given  parameter values 
double par = {4,3.2.1};
std::cout << p(x, par) << std::endl;

I know that my question is very stupid; in your example you fixed the x=2. but if I have this equation (where I know the value of n, and the parameters):
p[0] + p[1]*x + p[2] *x * 2 + … + p[n] x n = 10 for example
and I am looking for the solution x (unknown). so you know p[0] , p[1], p[2] … p[n] and you look for the solutions of your polynomial P(n). what is the solution, please?

You can use the Polynomial::FindRoots() function, which returns a std::vectorstd::complex > since not all solutions are real

For example to find the roots for x^3 - 7x + 6 = 0, you do :

ROOT::Math::Polynomial p(3);
// the number of parameters is n (polynomial degree ) + 1 
double par[] = { 6,-7,0,1};  
auto r = p.FindRoots(); 
for (size_t i = 0; i < r.size(); ++i) { std::cout << r[i] << std::endl; } 

and the output will be :




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thank you very much Lorenzo :slight_smile:

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