Polymarkers overlapping axis

Dear experts,

The below piece of code results in a marker overlapping the x-axis. If one lowers the weight in the bin to exactly one, the marker is left out completely. Is there a way to clip the pieces of the markers sticking over the axes?

Running ROOT 5.19/05 on an intel mac with OS X 10.5.3.


  TCanvas canvas("canvas");
  frame = canvas.DrawFrame(0., 1., 1., 2.);
  TH1D h("h", "h", 10, 0., 1.);
  h.Fill(.5, 1.01);
  h.Draw("SAME P");

There is no way to partially clip a marker. When “inside” the marker is drawn completely, when “outside” it is not drawn at all (for instance you do not see a big marker near to the axis but “outside”). Usually markers are small objects