'Point number' not displayed in TBrowser

I’ve finally managed to install ROOT 7 on my own Mac, making the use of the lab PC in the university obsolete. However I encountered a problem at the switch to ROOT 7 from a previous version on the other PC: I’m missing the ‘Point number display’ in the event status bar in a TBrowser.
In the picture below I’m only interested in the (relatively) stable plateau in the middle, hence I want to cut away the rise and fall on either ends of the Spectrum. For this I need the Point number which is (judging by eye) the first and last point to still be part of the plateau. In the previous version I was able to see that here the plateau is between points 450 and 2600, however in ROOT 7 I can’t find an option to display that. On the older version it displayed (x,y) of the mouse, (x,y) of the data and the point number in the data. Now there is just (x,y) of the data and a yet unidentified (non-integer) number, which goes up to 640.3 and obviously can’t be the searched for Point number since 1) it’s non-integer and 2) the data has ca. 3100 points and the number only goes up to 640.

Where can I activate the Point number display in ROOT 7 on my Mac?

ROOT Version: 7
Platform: Mac

I think @linev will know.


On screenshot x = 7.997e+9 is X axis value, y=0.001081 is histogram value.
Histogram bin numbers is not shown - it can be seen when tooltips are enabled.
153,33 is mouse pixel coordinates.

To change selected range - one can just zoom-in with the mouse.

Other possibility would be usage of context menu for axis, but it was disabled for web-based canvas.
After some testing I will provide such functionality.


Thank you for the quick answer! However even with ‘Tooltip info’ enabled the bin number is not shown, am I still missing something?


Seems to be you have TGraph object.
For such object point index is not displayed - sorry for misunderstanding.
I will implement it in next JSROOT version.


Alright, thank you!

Best regards