Plotting with per-event errors in ROOT 5.32 (RooFit 3.50)

I encountered a plotting problem which I guess is related to the new cache-and-track mode in ROOT 5.32.00 (RooFit 3.50).

Let’s go for a more detailed example: Plotting a RooAddPdf of two RooDecay with gaussian per-event resolution. I adapted the tutorial script rf306 and attached it.

In ROOT 5.30.04 (RooFit 3.17) I get what I expect:

However, for ROOT 5.32.00 (RooFit 3.50) this is clearly not the case:

Is there an easy workaround/fix or am I just doing something wrong?

rf306_condpereventerrors.C (4.11 KB)


There is an unfortunate bug in RooFit in ROOT 5.32 that causes this. I have committed
a fix to the SVN trunk and 532-patches branch that solves this problem (I’ve also closed
the corresponding savannah tickey)