Plotting surface

Hi Dear Root user.
Someone can help me plotting surface with my .root file. This is 2D graph I obtained from the root file, and I want to plot surface of that or contours

It looks like a 1D histogram not a 2D one. You cannot draw a surface from that. Can you provide the macro producing this plot ?

yes (2.5 MB)

Your data set is a TH1D called Edep. This is a 1 dimentionnal histogram. You cannot draw it as a surface.

thank to you Dear @couet for help. Please I want to plot the energy distribution as showing below, with this
obtained data (.root file) of energy deposited in my geometry. can you guide me about it ?

As I said you cannot obtain a such contour from a 1D histogram.
You file contains also a TTree but it has only one column (the one used
to produce the 1D histogram). So, with this data file, there no way we can produce a such contour.

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