Plotting slopes without data points

Dear all,

Can you please assist, i wanna plot slopes with its parameters (po,p1) only and exclude the data points
This is the code i’m using to plot basichist.c (5.0 KB) (1.5 MB)

thank you in advance.

basichist.c (4.7 KB)

So doing so, the errors are excludes is there a way to include them?

So you want the errors and the line ? … You ma ro was doing exactly that before…
I thought you wanted only the line…

   t->DrawLatexNDC(0.6, 0.7, Form("p0 = %g #pm %g", f->GetParameter(0), f->GetParError(0)));
   t->DrawLatexNDC(0.6, 0.65, Form("p1 = %g #pm %g", f->GetParameter(1), f->GetParError(1)));

i want just a best fit line and displaying them like Po = 199.234+/-0.0556 and P1 = 1.568e06+/- 0.01545 something along those lines

@Wile_E_Coyote post should be the answer.