Plotting issues

I’m running garfield++ with last version of root on Ubuntu 18 (and on a WSL + XMing + Debian 9, but this setup is kinda exotic so I don’t consider it a priority).

When running simple examples (like Read in the GasFile section), the canvas are displayed unproperly: plots are correct at first sight, but on refresh they endup badly scaled. If another canvas is created on top, then the first canvas ends up blank when selected by the mouse.

A troubling thing is that saving the picture (jpg for example) from the canvas results in an ok pic, properly scaled.

Apparently the issue is not present on CERN SCL configs.

Did anyone experience something similar?

It looks like a question for the garfield++ developers ?

Well it’s the Garfield section here…?

oops sure … sorry. May be @moneta has an idea.

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