Plotting Histogram

I am trying to plot the histogram based on random number generated from a user defined function. I do not get any output nor any error. I could not figure out where I am doing mistake. I have attached my macros here.

Thank you
ex8.C (25 Bytes)

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I guess you posted the wrong file. Your macro is empty:

void ex8(){


I am sorry. Here is the updated macro. I get error.ex8.C (797 Bytes)

My question: Can I define global variable at the top of macro like

double x_min = -0.5
double x_max = 10.6

Thank you

Move these two lines to before you define “myfunction”.

std::vector points;

if (points.size() < 2000){
for (int i=0;i<2000;i++){
double x = f1->GetRandom();
Can you please explain what these three function does here, points.size and points.push_back ? -> std::vector

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