Plotting fitted histograms inside a for loop

Hi all, I’m trying to fit and plot the results of a RooMCStudy.
The way I’m doing it is:

c = R.TCanvas("MCstudy", "MCstudy", 4000, 900)
c.Divide(len(N_list), 1)
for j in range(len(N_list)):
   histos.append(R.RooAbsData.createHistogram(mcstudy.fitParDataSet(), "", N_list[j], RF.AutoBinning(MCbins))) 
c.SaveAs(tree_path + "yields_MCstudy.pdf") 

where N_list is the list of yields that I’m fitting in the MCstudy (5 in total).

If I don’t do the fits I obtain 5 plots in a row, as expected:
yields_MCstudy.pdf (23.0 KB)

But as soon as I uncomment the two lines to fit those histograms I obtain just the last plot of the for loop.
yields_MCstudy.pdf (15.6 KB)

Anyone can help me understand what I’m doing wrong?

Move the line “” to the beginning of your loop (or at least before the “Fit” call).

Couldn’t have been easier :sweat_smile: Thanks @Wile_E_Coyote!

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