Plotting data in a world map

Hi all,

I have a file containing points of latitude, longitude and flux over the world. Is it possible to plot this data in a map with ROOT ?

Thanks in advance …


Do you know the type of coordinates (projection) you are using ?
What kind of representation do you want for thump ? an image ? only the continent borders (lines) ?

Hi Couet,

I didn’t understand what do you mean with “type of coordinates”?. I have geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) of a satellite’s orbit. I would like a representation that looks like the Mercator projection and as background an image of the world with the continents…

“Mercator”… ok

Do you have one ? we do not have such image in the ROOT package.

No, I don’t. This is my doubt, if is possible plotting the orbit points (showing a trajectory as a sinusoid) and showing the places where the satellite is passing ?

The way to do it would be draw a map in a TCanvas (see the examples in $ROOTSYS/tutorials/image) a then you define on top a transparent pad with the appropriate coordinates to put the curves/point you want (see the examples also). But you need to find somewhere (on the web) a map you like to make the background.