Plotting asymptotic behaviour (infinity) x-axis

Dear experts,
I would like to make a plot where I show a behaviour of my BSM model limit wrt different cut-off values. My question is how can I visualize in root the asymptotic behaviour towards infinity. I have limit values for several cut-off values in the range 800-1.4TeV, and then I have a limit for infinite cut-off value. The plot is here [1]. The change that I would like to make is to visualize one more point where no cut off is used, meaning that it corresponds to cut-off value infinity. So I would like to know how I can incorporate this limit at infinity in my plot. I was thinking that it could look like this… In the x-axis I have usual line for range 700-2TeV, and then axis line continues with several points and then I have label infinity. So x-axis looking something like this: 800__1200__1600__2000___…__infinity. Sorry, I could not find a nice example plot on web… Another option would be something like a plot in [2], x-axis with two different ranges.
Could you please tell me how can I do any of these (or other any ideas with described goal) in root?


Thank you in advance!


May be the example suggested here:

Thank you for your reply. I see this is done with two TPads. What I would like to do ideally is to have line connecting my infinity point and 2 TeV point. I assume this is not possible with two TPads? Is there some other way to do this?
Sorry, I also accidentally replied to fw thread.

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I deleted your replied in the forwarded thread.
Indeed a line or a graph must sit in one coordinate space.
In the example I sent you the axis is broken (like in your example) therefore that’s two coordinate space. So it really depends what you want to do and how … but imagine your two lines are in two coordinate spaces in Y with X in the same coordinate space like in my example then a point on the border in the first pad will coincide with a point on the border in the 2nd pad if they have the same X

Ah, right. Will do that, thank you!
Could you also please tell me how to have “infinity” (or symbol) written on the axis?
Thank you!


As axis title as a label ?

as the label value on the axis. Title is “cut-off energy” and the value is infinity.

There is a way.

but only since ROOT 6.07/7

   Double_t pi = TMath::Pi();
   TF1*   f = new TF1("f","TMath::Cos(x/TMath::Pi())", -pi, pi);
   TH1*   h = f->GetHistogram();
   TAxis* a = h->GetXaxis();

thank you very much! I will try it out!


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