Plotting a 2d function

Dear experts,

How can I plot a single 2D curve using root?

When I use

TF2 *f2 = new TF2("f2","((x-1)/0.0006)^2 + ((y-1)/0.0004)^2 -1.",0.,2.,0.,2.); 

I get multiple ellipses. I wanted an ellipse with an equation

((x-1)/0.0006)^2 + ((y-1)/0.0004)^2 -1 .= 0.

Thanking you
Kanhaiya Gupta

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I guess @couet can help

TEllipse ?

What I wanted is the elliptical line to show a certain region. But how can I get the ellipse showing the boundary only? What I did is for ellipse centered at (1,1)

 TEllipse *el = new TEllipse(1.,1.,.1,.2);

Thank you

The same as a box centred at 1,1

I am sorry, I did not understand how to do it. I just wanted an elliptical line to show a region.

(new TCanvas())->DrawFrame(0.999, 0.999, 1.001, 1.001); // just a test canvas
TEllipse *el = new TEllipse(1., 1., 0.0006, 0.0004); // ((x-1)/0.0006)^2 + ((y-1)/0.0004)^2 = 1

I am sorry this didn’t solve my problem. I wanted to show a signal-region on a 2D histogram. The plot that I obtain is the following

And the macros is scale_plot.C (625 Bytes)

el->SetFillStyle(0); el->Draw();

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