Plotting 1D and Stack

Hi - I’m using 3.04/02. I find that when I plot a TH1F then a THStack using the “SAME” option, I get a different look than when I plot a THStack and then a TH1F using “SAME”. Since I prefer the second look over the first, is there an easy way to force the second look when I plot it in the first order? Thanks.

Have you an example showing what you are doing ?

If I plot the stack first, then plot my histo using the “SAME” option, I get:

Now if I plot my histo first, then the stack, using the “SAME” option, I get:

I was wondering if it would be easy for it to look like the first one, no matter which order of plotting I choose. Thanks.

Send the shortest possible script reproducing the problem. I cannot.
In case you use an old version, could you test with teh current PRO version 4.00/08 ?


Unfortunately, my ntuples were produced using an older version of ROOT which doesn’t seem to be forward compatible. The plots produced from these ntuples use 3.04/02. I tried 3.10/01 but it cannot read the plot ROOT files correctly. I don’t have a 4 version installed.

You can produce the two examples using the following two commands:




Thanks for the example.
The problem is now understood and fixed in the CVS version.
Note that I had no problems in reading your files with the current ROOT version.