Plot variances in each bin


  1. Is there any way to plot variance of Y (in each bin) against X?..
    I mean the S(J)^2 (in the ProfileX) vs X.

Does S(J) is doing the same as Sx =sqrt ( sum_i^N (x_i - x_mean)^2 / N ?

Will GetBinError do that?

  1. Does the mean [h(J)] mentioned in the ProfileX, include any weighting factor?
    Like in the common formula of an average we get = Sum_i (x_i*w_i)/ Sum w_i
    Where, w_i is the weight factor.

If yes, then what kind of weighting? If not, then how to include?

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May be @moneta has an idea.

Is there a way to use “s” and a “cut” together while using ProfileX? As I can see that there is only one place for option.

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